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AICTE Approved Courses

Sr No. Displine Duration (Semester Pattern) Intake
1 Automobile Engineering 6 Semester 60
2 Computer Tehnology 6 Semester 60
3 Electronics and Communication Engineering 6 Semester 60
4 Mechanical Engineering 6 Semester 120
5 Electrical Engineering 6 Semester 60
6 Civil Engineering 6 Semester 60
7 Computer Engineering 6 Semester 60

Short Term Courses

Sr No. Displine Eligibility Criteria Duration (Semester Pattern) Intake
1 Diploma in Fire Service Engineering Passed H.S.S.C. Exam ( Any Stream ) 2 Years 60
2 Advance Diploma in Fire Safety & Industrial Environmental Engg.(FA) Diploma in Fire Service Engg., Diploma/Degree in Engg. Or Graduation in any stream. 1 Year 40
3 Advance Diploma in Industrial Safety & Security Management (FF) Diploma in Fire Service Engg., Diploma/Degree in Engg. Or Graduation in any stream. 1 Year 40

Eligibility Criteria


The candidates should submit their application in the prescribed form with necessary documents to the admission committee, G. H. Raisoni Polytechnic, on or before the day prescribed by the institute.


For Maharashtra State :

The candidates must have passed Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education or equivalent examination with and in

(1) General Science or Physics & Chemistry,

(2) Elementary Mathematics or Algebra & Geometry, and

(3) English with at least 35% marks in aggregate for open category and in case of backward class at least 35% belonging to Maharashtra State.

Admission Rules & Regulations will be as per the directives of The Director, Technical Education, Mumbai.

Note :- The term ?aggregate marks? used here shall mean the grand total marks obtained by the candidate taken together for all the subjects, whether compulsory or optional.

Domicile Certificate:-

  • If the candidate has passed VIII, IX and X std. from recognized school in Maharashtra State, domicile certificate is not essential.
  • Sons/Daughters of employees of (i) Government of India or (ii) Undertaking of Government of India shall be eligible for admission, even though such an employee is domiciled in any other state or union territory, and even though the candidate does not satisfy the conditions mentioned in (a) above, provided that (i) such employee has been transferred to Maharashtra within a period of two years prior to the last date of submission of applications forms, and, (ii) has joined the post in Maharashtra before the last date of submission of application forms, and,(iii) has not been transferred out of Maharashtra after that.
  • Sons/daughter of persons domiciled in Maharashtra will also be eligible for admission even if they do not satisfy the conditions mentionedin (a) above, provided that the candidate produces a domicile certificate in respect of his / her father / mother. In case of mother?s domicile certificates, the candidate shall submit an affidavit on Rs.10 stamp paper, stating that the person in whose name the domicile certificate is issued is the mother of the candidate. The domicile certificate issued by the Government Authorities only from the State of Maharashtra such as Executive Magistrate, Sub divisional Magistrate and as authorized by the District Magistrate shall be acceptable.

Note : The domicile certificate by choice or domicile certificate for educational purpose shall not be considered.

For Other State :

The candidates from outside the Maharashtra State must have passed SSC (std. X) examination from board recognized by M.S.Board Secondary Education, Pune, Maharashtra with subjects.

  1. General Science or Physics & Chemistry.
  2. Mathematics or Algebra & Geometry and
  3. English

with individual passing in each subject by securing minimum 35% marks in aggregate for open category and any other category. Admission Rules & Regulation will be as per the directives of The Director, Technical Education, Mumbai.

Note : The term ?aggregate marks? used here shall mean the grand total marks obtained by the candidate, taken together for all the subjects, whether compulsory or optional.

  • Candidate if admitted will have to submit four passport size photographs at the time of paying the fees.

Relative Merit in Case of Equal Marks :

In case of tie i.e. candidates having equal marks, in qualifying examination i.e. X Std. the inter-se-merit of candidates shall be reassessed as laid down below :-

  1. A candidate passing H.S.S.C(Std.XII) Science stream examination at (10+2) level will have first priority.
  2. A candidate passing XII std. with M.C.V.C. will have second priority.
  3. A candidate passing ?Intermediate grade drawing examination? will have third priority.
  4. A candidate who secured higher marks in the subject of Maths at S.S.C. examination will have fourth priority.
  5. A candidate who has secured higher marks in the subject of Science at the S.S.C. examination will have fifth priority.

Special Provision for Other State Candidates :

After exhaustion of the general merit list of the candidates from Maharashtra, vacant seats, if any in the unaided institutions, can be offered, to the candidates from the other states and Union territories on merit basis. These admissions shall be done by the Head of the Institution, to the extent of 20% of sanctioned intake.


The candidate passing the Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination with Vocational or Technical subjects or equivalent declared by the M.S. Board are eligible & ITI ( 2 Years) & MCVC ATC.

There is 10% reservation for such candidates over and above the sanctioned intake.

It is compulsory for the student to obtain eligibility certificate issued by R.B.T.E.(M.S.) Nagpur, before admission.

These admissions are subject to the approval of the Joint Director, Directorate of Technical Education, Regional Office, Nagpur.

Students after passing diploma examination in one branch can directly get admitted to other allied branch at third year level (i.e.Double Diploma).

Documents Required :

  • A School or College leaving certificate.
  • Certificate of examination passed (S.S.C. Examination and other examinations for which additional credit is given, if any) with the statement of marks.
  • Certificate of date of birth, if it is not mentioned in the school or college leaving certificate.
  • Certificate of ?Physical Fitness? in the attached format by registered medical practitioner.
  • Certificate from the proper authority regarding caste, if the candidate claims to belong to the ?Backward Class? of this state.
  • Requisite certificate from the competent army authorities in the case of candidates claiming to be the children of killed/ disabled personnel in the Indo-Pak conflict.
  • Certificate in case of candidates claiming to be freedom-fighter, his wife, child (including adopted and step child) and grandchild (child of the predeceased son).
  • Certificate of physical disability in the attached form, if applicable.
  • Certificate of participation in sports, games, debate competitions etc. at national & state level in the attached form.

Note : Candidates belonging to backward classes are required to produce certificate of their caste from an Executive Magistrate authorised by the District Magistrate.

Note for other than Maharashtra candidates (O.M.S.) :

In case of candidate from other state, the statement of marks for SSC or equivalent should be in English only, clearly mentioning the name of subjects and in case where the marksheet is in language other than English, it should be translated to English by the competent authority.

Competent authorities for translation and attestation :-

  • Secretary, board of respective Secondary or Higher Secondary Education.
  • Head Master / Principal of the last school attended by the candidate.
  • Executive Magistrate.
  • Government approved translator.

Medium Of Instruction :

The medium of instruction and examination is English.

Structure Of The Course, Syllabus & Examining Authority :

The structure of the course and syllabus is prescribed by Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai (MSBTE) and MSBTE conducts the examination based on the prescribed syllabus in summer and winter every year. The detailed information regarding syllabus, examination is available on website

Eligibility Criteria
Eligibility Criteria for the Pass outs of XII SCIENCE WITH TECHNICAL / VOCATIONAL SUBJECTS for Direct Admission to Second year Diploma Courses
Sr.No. Students passing H.S.S.C. with 35% marks for Open and 35% marks for Reserved with following subjects Eligibility for Direct Admission to the Second Year Diploma Course A scheme available in G. H. Raisoni Polytechnic
1 H.S.S.C. (Tech.) with Engineering Drawing & Workshop Technology Mechanical Engineering / Computer Engineering / Electronics Engineering / Electrical Engineering Group
2 Electrical Maintenance (A-1) Electrical Engineering Group
3 Mechanical Maintenance (A-2) Mechanical Engineering Group
4 Scooter & Motor Cycle Servicing (A-3) Mechanical Engineering Group
5 Electronics (C-2) Electronics Engineering / Computer Engineering Group
6 Computer Science (D-9) Electronics Engineering / Computer Engineering Group
Eligibility Criteria
Eligibility Criteria for the pass out of two year ITI (CTS/ATS) and MCVC courses for Direct admission to 2nd Year of Diploma courses
Sr.No. MSBTE’s Diploma Programme Eligible ITI (CTS) Courses Eligible ATS Courses Eligible MCVC Courses
1 Mechanical Engineering (Regular & Sandwich Pattern)
  1. Machinist Grinder
  2. D’ man Mech.
  3. 3.Fitter
  4. Turner
  5. Machinist
  6. Tool & Die Maker(J&F)
  7. Tool & Die Maker(M&D)
  8. Mech. Machine Tool Maint /Mechanic Millwright Maint
  9. Mechanic Ref. & Air Conditioning
  10. Operator Adv. Machine Tool
  11. Marine fitter
  12. Lift Mechanic
  13. MechanicMechatronics
  14. Mechanic Motor Vehicle
  1. Pump Operator Cum Mech.
  2. Machinist Grinder
  3. D’ man Mech.
  4. Fitter
  5. Turner
  6. Machinist
  7. Tool & Die Maker(J&F)
  8. Tool & Die Maker(M&D)
  9. Mech. Machine Tool Maint /Mechanic Millwright Maint.
  10. Mechanic Ref. & Air conditioning
  11. Steam Turbine cum auxiliary Plant Operator
  12. Mechanic (Dairy Maint.)
  13. Mat Handling Equip. Mechanic cum Op.
  14. Operator cum Mechanic (Power plant)
  15. Operator Adv. Machine Tool
  16. Mechanic (Agri. Machinery)
  17. Maint Mechanic(chem. Plant)
  18. Mechanic (earth moving Machinery)
  19. Mechanic Maint. (Textile Machinery)
  20. Mechanic (Mining Machinery)
  21. Pipe fitter
  22. Mech. Motor Vehicle
  23. Mech. Diesel
  24. Driver Cum Fitter
  25. Auto Mech. 2/3 wheeler
  26. Mech. Marine Diesel
  27. Construction Machinery cum Operator
  28. Auto Electrician
  29. Mechanic Advance Machine tool Maint.
    1. Mechanical Technology(K4/k5/k6)
    2. Auto Engineering Technician(K1/K2/K3)
2 Automobile Engineering
3 Civil Engineering, Civil & Rural Engineering, Construction Technology
  1. D’man Civil
  2. Surveyor
  3. Architectural D’man (SCVT)
  1. D’man Civil
  2. Surveyor
  3. Pipe fitter
Building Maintenance(J7/J8/J9)
4 Electrical Engineering Electrical Power Systems
  1. Electrician
  2. Lift Mechanic
    1. Electrician
    2. Auto Electrician
    3. Electrician Air Craft
    4. Cable Jointer
    5. Electrician
    6. Armature Winder
  1. Electric Appliances Maintenance(J4/J5/J6)
  2. Repairing & Rewinding of Electric Motor (T1/T2/T3)
5 Computer Engineering Computer Technology, & Information Technology.
  1. Mech. Computer Hardware
  2. Info. Tech. & Electronic System Maintenance
  1. Data Preparation & Comp. Software
  2. Programming & System Administration Assistant with pass in XII th Science (Physics, Math’s, and Chemistry)
  3. Info. Tech,. & Electronic Systems Maintenance
  1. Computer Techniques (X1/X2/X3)
  2. Multimedia Internet Technology
6 Electronic and Telecommunication Engg.
  1. Electronic Mechanic
  2. Mechanic Consumer Electronics
  3. Mechanic, Cum Operator Electronic Communication System
  4. Mechanic Radio& TV
  5. Info. Tech. & Electronic System Maintenance
  6. Mechanic Industrial Electronics
  7. Instrument Mechanic
  8. Instrument Mechanic(Chemical Plant)
  1. Electronic Mech.
  2. Mechanic Radio& Radar Air Craft
  3. Mechanic Television (Video)
  4. Info. Tech.& Electronic System Maintenance
  5. Instrument Mechanic
  6. Instrument Mechanic(Chemical Plant)
  1. Electronics Technology(J1/J2/J3)