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- Welcome To "Computer Engineering" Department -

Computer engineering is the career oriented branch which deals with the software and hardware utilities of computer. This branch is conceptually important to make diploma holder students more professional and job oriented. The department aims at technical and professional competency in Computer Engineering and also aids in inculcating moral and ethical values. The alacrity of the students to learn makes it easier for the department of Computer Engineering to produce top-notch engineers who are being recruited by companies all over India. The name, ‘Computer Engineering’, is one of the most familiar ones among the engineering disciplines. Having its existence beyond the domain of technical education, the field has appealed the masses, the most. In every educational and commercial arena, the field has its mark left in some or another form. Computer Engineering majors have careers anywhere there are computers, which is virtually everywhere. Our diploma holder can be found doing anything from designing controllers embedded in cars up to building the latest game. Further afield, as the technology sector has found increasing economic power, our graduates go on to professional degrees in business or law to lead and advise technology companies from an informed standpoint. Between strong demand and rapid turnover, jobs abound for good systems and applications programmers, hardware designers, network managers, and consultants in many areas. The department was established in the year 2014.The department of computer engineering channelized to the students by dynamic and motivated staff, contemporary infrastructure, well equipped – high capacity computer labs, high speed internet, and regular co-curricular activities such as study visits at multinational companies.

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